First Home

I bought my first home in North Pole, Alaska. I was sick of renting and wanted to own something that was going to be mine. When you own your own home, there is pride that goes into it and sweat equity you get out of it. You work hard in your life and you get a sense of satisfaction when you come home to a home that you purchased.
After living in my home for 10 years, I had to sell it. After all of my years from watching HGTV religiously, I knew this was my opportunity to put my knowledge and passion(for my dream job)to the test. I communicated to my Realtor my plan of action to help get this home sold less than 30 days. It was go time! I researched staging tips and tricks from the internet and I watched more shows on HGTV(hehehe). I took pictures of my staging and tested them on social media for input. I received constructive feedback to assist me along the way. This was fun! Once I had my final pictures to present to my Realtor, I sent them her way for the seal of approval. 🙂 They went live on-line and the property was listed. We received an offer less than 30 days on the market. Strategically staging your home may help your home sell faster like I did. I utilized the items that I had in the home to stage it. You can do it too!