Confused with home buying process?

Are you confused with the home buying process and you are not sure where to start? Have you been contemplating on buying a home and want to get out of your rental?

Let me tell you…before I bought my first home in North Pole, Alaska, I was extremely confused!   I knew deep down that it was time for me to invest in my future and for my family.  I knew I wanted a piece of property that I could do anything I wanted to and oh….also BLAST my music as loud as I wanted to dance my heart out(yes…I am a dancer and dance all over the place with jazz hands).  Because…you know with a rental you may have shared walls with someone and if you are playing your music loud, they start banging on the wall to turn it down.  Total fun killer! Oops….sorry I got lost for a sec to a song in my head and now back to the regular broadcast of what I want to tell you.  😉

So….when I started driving around looking at houses(before I know Zillow existed), I didn’t know who to call and when to call.   I didn’t know how it worked as for setting up showings and then buying the home.  Then when I did call and received a response on the home I was interested in, I found out it was PENDING! Ugggghhh!   And no…. I didn’t even know I needed to have a Realtor represent me in the process.  So…you could say I was all sorts of confused!

With my first home purchase and the process up to receiving the keys in my hand(victory dance), I learned so much about it.   Yes….YOU need a REALTOR to represent you with buying the home.  Yes, there are alot of steps involved where the Realtor can represent you in your best interest to get you to your goal of home ownership.   Then..finally…YOU can have that victory dance into the door of YOUR home with confidence and swag! Then you can blast that music and dance your way all over YOUR property like I did.

So…. to summarize this up, you need to contact a realtor first before you start calling numbers left and right and have your head spinning in a goose chase.   Moving is already stressful enough! Call me and let me get you started in the first step of the home buying process.  Let me help take some of that load off of you by representing you.   Call today and let’s get started! What are you waiting for?!

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North Pole, Alaska

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