Are you ready to find your Next Home?


I’m Next! Are you?…..think about this and ponder where your next home will be.  We all have been there.  I know you have.  I have moved numerous times in my life before I bought my first home.  I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with a 2020 population of 30,996, it is the 3rd largest city in Alaska (after and) and the 1250th largest city in the United States.  Prior to that, I have lived in Wasilla, Alaska and Juneau, Alaska(out beautiful state capital).    I lived in small apartments and houses.  I can say I also went back and lived with my parents again.  Ain’t no shame there! I had to get back on my dancing feet again to figure out where I wanted to live and settle.  So….as you go through life and all of the changes and hurdles you go over, think where is your next home going to be.  Do you want to live on a river, by a stream or a lake? Do you want to be in town or out of town? Do you want to be in the woods or an urban area? Do you want a small home or a large one to move around in? Think about your lifestyle and needs for your life now and the direction you see yourself going.  Also think of your personality and how you can put your spin on your home to make it YOU.   It’s a big decision…you can do it! So….now that I have your attention….Where is YOUR Next Home?