House hunting in the winter in Alaska

Johnna snow pic

Bunny boots, shovels, winter gear….oh my!

Finding a home in Alaska can be a bit challenging when the weather plays a part.   If you are going house hunting in the winter, I recommend having a vehicle with four wheel drive in some places or you have a vehicle with good tires to get you through it all.   I have gotten stuck a few times and my clients have too.  It’s been an adventure! Also make sure that you have a flashlight and boots.   You may find yourself drudging through the driveway to get to the door.   When you find the home, do a thorough walk through of the home inside and out.    Make sure you have a Realtor that understands how the winters can be here in Alaska and what to look for.  Sometimes there are things outside a home that may not be visible in the winter because they are covered up by snow.  It is best to keep these in mind when house hunting.

Being born and raised in Alaska, I have seen many winters where snow is up to the doorways, ice fog, freezing rain and  60 below weather.  I remember as a kid jumping off the roof into the snow because it was so high.  I can also remember as a kid, wearing my plastic strawberry shortcake halloween costume that broke after I came in from trick or treating.  That being said….house hunting in Alaska can be done in the winter.  The winter does not stop Alaskans from finding a home.   One of the beauties of Alaska, is our winters.  Shoot…you may even see the Aurora Borealis or some moose traveling along the way.