House hunting in the winter in Alaska

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Bunny boots, shovels, winter gear….oh my!

Finding a home in Alaska can be a bit challenging when the weather plays a part.   If you are going house hunting in the winter, I recommend having a vehicle with four wheel drive in some places or you have a vehicle with good tires to get you through it all.   I have gotten stuck a few times and my clients have too.  It’s been an adventure! Also make sure that you have a flashlight and boots.   You may find yourself drudging through the driveway to get to the door.   When you find the home, do a thorough walk through of the home inside and out.    Make sure you have a Realtor that understands how the winters can be here in Alaska and what to look for.  Sometimes there are things outside a home that may not be visible in the winter because they are covered up by snow.  It is best to keep these in mind when house hunting.

Being born and raised in Alaska, I have seen many winters where snow is up to the doorways, ice fog, freezing rain and  60 below weather.  I remember as a kid jumping off the roof into the snow because it was so high.  I can also remember as a kid, wearing my plastic strawberry shortcake halloween costume that broke after I came in from trick or treating.  That being said….house hunting in Alaska can be done in the winter.  The winter does not stop Alaskans from finding a home.   One of the beauties of Alaska, is our winters.  Shoot…you may even see the Aurora Borealis or some moose traveling along the way.

Are you ready to find your Next Home?


I’m Next! Are you?…..think about this and ponder where your next home will be.  We all have been there.  I know you have.  I have moved numerous times in my life before I bought my first home.  I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with a 2020 population of 30,996, it is the 3rd largest city in Alaska (after and) and the 1250th largest city in the United States.  Prior to that, I have lived in Wasilla, Alaska and Juneau, Alaska(out beautiful state capital).    I lived in small apartments and houses.  I can say I also went back and lived with my parents again.  Ain’t no shame there! I had to get back on my dancing feet again to figure out where I wanted to live and settle.  So….as you go through life and all of the changes and hurdles you go over, think where is your next home going to be.  Do you want to live on a river, by a stream or a lake? Do you want to be in town or out of town? Do you want to be in the woods or an urban area? Do you want a small home or a large one to move around in? Think about your lifestyle and needs for your life now and the direction you see yourself going.  Also think of your personality and how you can put your spin on your home to make it YOU.   It’s a big decision…you can do it! So….now that I have your attention….Where is YOUR Next Home?

Bring warmth to your home

  • Home wreath pic
    The colder season brings warmth to the home in multiple ways. ☺️
    For me it brings me closer to my family. 🙏 Making wreaths for my friends and loved ones is something I do to bring the warmth to a home.
    This wreath was one I had from a couple years ago but it was lacking more fluff to it. The more I moved and tucked it away in the house through the years, it lost its luster. So….as my home is filled with more memories and love, the wreath was brought back to life and filled in. I hope your home is filled with warmth, love and making more memories. ☺️
  • Confused with home buying process?

    Are you confused with the home buying process and you are not sure where to start? Have you been contemplating on buying a home and want to get out of your rental?

    Let me tell you…before I bought my first home in North Pole, Alaska, I was extremely confused!   I knew deep down that it was time for me to invest in my future and for my family.  I knew I wanted a piece of property that I could do anything I wanted to and oh….also BLAST my music as loud as I wanted to dance my heart out(yes…I am a dancer and dance all over the place with jazz hands).  Because…you know with a rental you may have shared walls with someone and if you are playing your music loud, they start banging on the wall to turn it down.  Total fun killer! Oops….sorry I got lost for a sec to a song in my head and now back to the regular broadcast of what I want to tell you.  😉

    So….when I started driving around looking at houses(before I know Zillow existed), I didn’t know who to call and when to call.   I didn’t know how it worked as for setting up showings and then buying the home.  Then when I did call and received a response on the home I was interested in, I found out it was PENDING! Ugggghhh!   And no…. I didn’t even know I needed to have a Realtor represent me in the process.  So…you could say I was all sorts of confused!

    With my first home purchase and the process up to receiving the keys in my hand(victory dance), I learned so much about it.   Yes….YOU need a REALTOR to represent you with buying the home.  Yes, there are alot of steps involved where the Realtor can represent you in your best interest to get you to your goal of home ownership.   Then..finally…YOU can have that victory dance into the door of YOUR home with confidence and swag! Then you can blast that music and dance your way all over YOUR property like I did.

    So…. to summarize this up, you need to contact a realtor first before you start calling numbers left and right and have your head spinning in a goose chase.   Moving is already stressful enough! Call me and let me get you started in the first step of the home buying process.  Let me help take some of that load off of you by representing you.   Call today and let’s get started! What are you waiting for?!

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    A home is where YOUR heart is.

    You know….I tell my clients, there is no perfect home. 🏡 Think outside the box when you look at homes. Have an open mind. You can make changes to the home and tweak it as you go through life of living there. A home is what you make of it. A home is there through good times and bad. A home is where YOUR heart is. So…put your trust in me to help you. No worries. I got you! That’s what I tell my friends and family…so now I’m telling you. ☺️



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    Are you ready to see homes the Alaska way?

    Moose showing The buyer question of the day….does the moose come with the property?

    Get ready to put your Xtratuffs on and see some moose as we see houses! I had another fun adventure with my clients when we were looking at a home here in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This moose and her baby were nibbling on some brush by the beautiful deck of this home.   Her baby is not far from her.  You don’t want to get too close to them.  Momma moose are pretty protective of their young.   I am a momma too and I totally get it! I am a protective mom too when I comes to my baby.   Man oh man….I love Alaska and the state I live in! Just seeing the wild life and scenery as I show homes makes my day.  Wouldn’t it make yours too?

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    Expect the unexpected but keep moving!

    We are currently living in a time where everything is different from one day to the next.   It is imperative that we continue to have a positive mindset and motivation to keep moving.   To tell you a little story on my side, we were notified my husband was laid off due to COVID19 budget cuts.   Wow! What a call to get in the morning!  This change made me switch gears but stay positive.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Take that moment to pause and regroup on the plan and the goal.   When it comes to buying or selling your home, sometimes you have to switch gears to get to the end result.  Communication is key in any relationship.   No matter what it takes, continue to keep moving.  Rise above.  Together we can get through this!

    First Home

    I bought my first home in North Pole, Alaska. I was sick of renting and wanted to own something that was going to be mine. When you own your own home, there is pride that goes into it and sweat equity you get out of it. You work hard in your life and you get a sense of satisfaction when you come home to a home that you purchased.
    After living in my home for 10 years, I had to sell it. After all of my years from watching HGTV religiously, I knew this was my opportunity to put my knowledge and passion(for my dream job)to the test. I communicated to my Realtor my plan of action to help get this home sold less than 30 days. It was go time! I researched staging tips and tricks from the internet and I watched more shows on HGTV(hehehe). I took pictures of my staging and tested them on social media for input. I received constructive feedback to assist me along the way. This was fun! Once I had my final pictures to present to my Realtor, I sent them her way for the seal of approval. 🙂 They went live on-line and the property was listed. We received an offer less than 30 days on the market. Strategically staging your home may help your home sell faster like I did. I utilized the items that I had in the home to stage it. You can do it too!